Hi, I'm Tim
Tim at a yacht wedding


Tim Clark has been a Maui wedding photographer for over 25 years. Tim's love for photography started from the young age of 10, when he first started taking pictures with his dad´s Kodak Instamatic. Later he inherited his uncle´s antique enlarger and started developing black and white film and making enlargements in the bathroom.

After graduating college with a degree in photography, Tim moved to Maui in 1988, Tim worked for one of only a handful of Maui wedding planners and soon became their top wedding photographer. Tim´s photography has won him awards with his landscape photography, but his true passion is wedding photography. Tim recalls, "I like the feeling I get when I see the love between couples who are experiencing their new love. Being a part of weddings everyday revitalizes that feeling and feeds my soul".

Now, Tim is busy doing wedding photography every week, as well as photographing an occasional family portrait or corporate event. Your wedding day is an event that you will want to last a lifetime. It´s also a great time to have family portraits taken. Tim states, "The lovely flowers wilt away, the delicious food is consumed, but beautiful images will always help you relive your wedding. I can capture the moment in time when you are most happy and freeze that moment so that it can be relived over and over for the rest of your lives. That's what I do for my couples".




Maui Wedding Photography Specialist